The 7th Electrical Appliance Week: Symposium for 『Internet and Smart Home Appliances』 and 『Innovation.Home Appliances』

13-14 April 2016 (Wednesday, Thursday)

The biennial event Electrical Appliances Week Symposium for 『Internet and Smart Home Appliances』and 『Innovation.Home Appliances』 were successfully organized on 13 and 14 April 2016. hkeaia_2016_1
hkeaia_2016_2 The theme of this year’s Electrical Appliance Week was 『Innovation. Smart. Home Appliances』. With grant of HKSAR government, the association invited experts from China, Hong Kong and overseas to be guest speakers to share with the members different topics including the Internet, smart home appliances and innovation technology etc.
The subjects of the Symposium on 13th and 14th are 『Internet and Smart Home Appliances』 and 『Innovation.Home Appliances』 respectively. There were in-depth discussions on various topics such as global economy- future development of home appliance industry, connecting home appliances: challenges and solutions, innovation and technology, design of Internet of Things, smart home appliances development trend and future, smart appliances and living lifestyle in Mainland market and analysis on consumer demands for smart home appliances through global and domestic market trends, corporate innovation strategies, open innovation into practice, origin of innovation, culture and climate of innovation forum etc..
We were honoured to have invited the following distinguished guest speakers for 『Innovation. Smart. Home Appliances』Symposium on Apr 13:

  • Dr. Tse Kwok Leung, Head of Economic Research Division, Economics & Strategic Planning Department of Bank of China (HK)
  • Shashank Goel, Global Product Marketing Manager ofNXP Semiconductors, US
  • Dr. Sunny Chai, Managing Director of Fook Tin Group Holdings Limited, HK
  • Mr Jiang Jun, Director of Product Quality of Media Smart Home Research Institute, China
  • Katarina Ivarsson, Founder & CEO of Boris Design Studio Ltd
  • Mr Hong Shi Bin, Executive Chairman, The Chinese Home Electrical Appliance Commercial Association, China
  • Mr. Wing Chu, Senior Economist – Greater China, Hong Kong Trade Development Council


Distinguished guests were also invited for Symposium for 『Innovation.Home Appliances』 on Apr 14. Guest speakers in the morning session included:

hkeaia_2016_5 Symposium Schedule
  • Mr Wong Kong-Kat, Co-founder and Vice President of Beijing Xiaomi Technology Co., Ltd, China
  • Gerry Caron, Consultant of Consumer and Industrial Electronics, US
  • Mr Wu Tian Ji, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Phantom Co., Ltd., Beijing
  • Mr Ulrich Grote, Corporate Marketing Consultant, DSP Group, Germany


Guest speakers in the afternoon session included:

  • Moderator: Herbert Lun, Honorary Treasurer, Hong Kong Electrical Appliance Industries Association
  • Dr. Edward Chan, Managing Director, German Pool (Hong Kong) Limited
  • Dr. Daniel Yip, Deputy Chairman, Federation of Hong Kong Industries & Managing Director, GEW International Corporation Limited
  • Dr. Charles Chan, Chairman, Tunbow Group
  • Dr. Michael Y. H. Li, President, Institute of Systematic Innovation

Two symposiums won much applause from the industry. Participants agreed that they gained a lot from the event and they all looked forward to the next Electrical Appliance Week. With the advancement of mobile communication technology and facilities, it is hoped that practitioners can attach more attention on linkage between home appliances and smart phones or among tablets and apply relevant technology to product design so as to enhance the functionality and value of products and improve living standard of human beings.

第一屆大中華智能家電大賽啟動儀式及家電週2016花絮短片(13 Apr, 2016)