Project Introduction
Product Innovation Guidelines
Product Innovation Workshop
Product Innovation Symposium

Symposium for “Innovation • Home Appliances” invited renowned speakers including:

  • Wong Kong Kat, Co-founder and Vice President of Beijing Xiaomi Technology Co., Ltd., China
  • Gerry Caron, Consultant of Consumer and Industrial Electronics, USGerry Caron
  • Wu Tian Ji, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Phantom Co., Ltd., Beijing, China
  • Ulrich Grote, Executive Advisor of DSP Group and Deputy Chairman of the ULE Alliance, Germany


Culture and Climate of Innovation Forum
Moderator: Herbert Lun, Honorary Treasurer, Hong Kong Electrical Appliance Industries Association

  • Dr. Edward Chan, Managing Director, German Pool (Hong Kong) Limited
  • Dr. Daniel Yip, Deputy Chairman, Federation of Hong Kong Industries & Marketing Director, GEW International Corporation Limited
  • Dr. Charles Chan, Chairman, Tunbow Group
  • Dr. Michael Y.H. Li, President, Institute of Systematic Innovation