“Quality Appliances – HK Appliances” 

Building up the image of good quality and safe Hong Kong electrical appliances through a series of promotion activities

Recently, the rapid expansion of the Mainland household appliance market has drawn the attention of Hong Kong appliances brands.  When product safety remains the major concern for most Mainland consumers, the rich experiences of Hong Kong manufacturers in producing safe, well-designed, durable and eco-friendly household appliances at competitive price are advantageous in capturing the domestic market.

In this project, local appliances manufacturers will be allied to build the “Quality Appliances – HK Appliances” alliance, which representing safe and good quality of Hong Kong appliances as a whole. Through a series of promotion activities with strong emphasis on appliance safety along with basic consumer knowledge in appliances selection, the public recognition of the safe and high quality image of “Quality Appliances – HK Appliances” can be enhanced. The project will strengthen the long-term sustainable development of HK appliances brands in the domestic market.

This project aimed to support local appliances manufacturers to maintain sustainable development in Mainland market through several events, included: