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Product Innovation Workshop -“Smart Home, Wise Living”

The first Product Innovation Workshop – “Smart Home, Wise Living” was co-organized by Hong Kong Electrical Appliance Industries Association and Hong Kong Trade Development Council. It was implemented by Hong Kong Productivity Council and funded by SME Development Fund of HKSAR. The workshop was held during Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) 2017.

Three honorable speakers were invited to share their views and knowledge on product innovation. Dr. Edward Chan shared the innovation strategy of German Pool with different product development examples impressing the audience with the successful brand establishment of German Pool and the revolution from single product line of water heaters to diversified electrical appliance that German Pool is offering in the market today. Dr. Gabriel Tong has rich experience in product innovation. Dr. Tong shared the product innovation strategies in theoretical angle and also his analysis on the product innovation strategies of the four studying companies in this project. Whilst, Mr. Edmond Yau shared his experience in applying 3D Technology in product innovation. Edmond quoted several examples on how innovative designs can be realized by applying the latest 3D printing technology illustrate the close relationship between innovation and technology. Through this workshop, Hong Kong appliances SMEs are able to enhance their product innovation capabilities so as to capture the smart appliances market.

Workshop invited renowned speakers including:

  • Dr. Edward Chan, Founder and Managing Director, German Pool (Hong Kong) Limited
    Topic: Wise Living – Product Innovation Strategy

  • Dr. Gabriel Tong, Founder of TOTEX and IDMA (Innovation and Design Management Association)
    Topic: Innovation Knowledge Management—Theoretical Articulation

  • Mr. Edmond Yau, Executive Director, Koln 3D Technology (Medical) Limited
    Topic: Technology VS Innovation